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A strong duo

DRG Deutsche Realitäten GmbH is headed by Carsten Bachmann and Nina Ranetbauer. Certified property economist Carsten Bachmann has a long track record of experience in the real estate sector and has been in charge of international asset management at the CA Immo Group since 2009. Nina Ranetbauer has been working in the real estate sector since 2001 and joined ÖRAG in 2012.

"Property management is a matter of trust. That's why we guarantee our clients maximum transparency and place a high value on customer service. Our staff receives excellent training and is at your service on the spot as a professional point of contact for tenants and property owners alike."Nina Ranetbauer
"Our steady, healthy growth testifies to the success of our value-adding strategy. We are proud to be able to offer outstanding client service at a total of four offices across Germany." Carsten Bachmann
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DRG Deutsche Realitäten GmbH

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